Centre for Standardization


The Research Institute for Building Materials gained status as a Centre for Standardization (CFS) at the beginning of 2010. The scope of activity of CFS is separated into two categories:

  • CEN/TC 177 Prefabricated reinforced components of autoclaved aerated concrete or light-weight aggregate concrete with open structure (including all working groups)
  • Using of fly ashes for building industry purposes within a range of standards subject ČSN 72 2071, 72 2072-1 to 11, ČSN P 72 2080 and ČSN P 72 2081-1 to 16


Activities of CFS

The Centre for Standardization provides a platform for the development of Czech technical standards. The CFS participates in drafts of new and revised standards within International and European Organizations for Standardization and deals with making and revisions of Czech technical standards too. It supports the whole process from the approval of a project by the European Committee for Standardization to the elaboration of Czech technical standards. Next tasks of the CFS are plan-making of Czech national standards, participation in committees for standardization, making expertises and right to suggest requirements of Czech engineers at making of new international technical standards.


Project plan

Autoclaved aerated concrete

Revisions of ČSN EN:
  • ČSN EN 15304 Determination of the freeze-thaw resistance of AAC (published in August, 2010)
  • ČSN EN 12269-2 Determination of the bond behaviour between reinforcing steel and AAC by the „beam test“ – Part 2: Long term test (published in August, 2010)
  • ČSN EN 1520 Prefabricated reinforced components of AAC with open structure (published in August, 2011)
Revisions of ČSN:
  1. ČSN for testing of autoclaved aerated concrete (published in August, 2010)
    • ČSN 73 1350 Testing of autoclaved aerated concrete
    • ČSN 73 1353 Determination of thermal conductivity of AAC
    • ČSN 73 1355 Durability determination of AAC
    • ČSN 73 1356 Determination of longitudinal changes of AAC
    • ČSN 73 1357 Determination of capillary properties of AAC
    • ČSN 73 1358 Determination of inclination of AAC for the formation of primary efflorescence
  2. ČSN for autoclaved aerated products
    • ČSN 72 3630 Nonreinforced products of AAC (cancelled)
    • ČSN 73 2054 Loading tests of AAC assembled components (in revision)
  3. Other autoclaved aerated concrete standards
    • ČSN 73 1289 Terminology of AAC (published in November, 2011)
    • ČSN 73 2412 Execution and quality control of AAC structures (cancelled)

Fly ashes

Revisions of ČSN:
  • ČSN 72 2071 Fly ash for building industry purposes. Common provisions, requirements and test methods (published in October, 2011)
  • ČSN 72 2080 Fly ash and ash from fluidised bed combustion for building industry purposes – Common provisions, requirements and test methods (published in October, 2011)
  • ČSN 72 2072-1 to 11 and ČSN P 72 2081-1 to 16 Test fly ash standards (revision scheduled)



Mgr. Ing. Martin Nejedlík
mobile: +420 602 445 339
e-mail: nejedlik@vush.cz