Research and development

Dept. 2.1 Composite Materials

Composite Materials Dept. deals with the research, development, optimization and innovation of production technologies and subsequently with the verification of utility physical-mechanical properties of building materials and products produced this way.

At designing of building materials, the emphasis is placed on the possibilities of industrial waste materials processing with the aim of realization of a non-waste production technology. Our team uses its knowledge and ideas during solving of projects and during cooperation with industrial production plants, other research organizations, universities, etc.

Custom-made production forms also a part of out activities in the following areas:

  • physical-mechanical testing of concrete, mortars, ceramics, thermal insulation materials, composite materials and physical properties of aggregates
  • verifying of admixtures and additives for the production of building materials (e.g. pozzolanic reactivity, isoperibolic calorimetry, etc.)
  • production simulation of hydrothermally hardened building materials or materials with a „cold“ production (casting, extrusion, etc.)
  • durability testing of building materials (climate chamber, equipment for simulation of weather conditions by changing of water sprinkling and sun radiation, salt spray test chamber, equipment for frost resistance testing KD20…) with relation to results of ecotoxicity tests (see Accredited Test Laboratories)


Ing. Martina Drdlová
mobile: +420 730 519 707

Dept. 2.2 Binder Systems

Binder Systems Dept. deals with the basic and applied research in the area of silicate technologies, concerning especially the production of cement, lime and other inorganic binders. Performed laboratory tests allow to monitor the binders in all stages of their production:

  • starting from the assessment of mineralogical, chemical and mechanical properties of input raw materials,
  • continuing with grinding,
  • simulation of various modes of burning,
  • adjustment of burnt products
  • to the tests of final products according to the Czech and European standards or tests according to the non-standard methods specified in internal methodologies.

It is possible to carry out atypical tests according to the method provided by the customer.

Laboratories are equipped for basic physical-mechanical analyses and analyses of inorganic materials (X-ray powder diffraction, DTA, DSC, TG, FT-IR, optical and fluorescent microscopy, dilatometry, BET, porozimetry, granulometry, calorimetry, Zeta potential, rheology).

Our speciality is the preparation of pure clinker minerals (kilogram amounts).


Mgr. Martin Boháč, Ph.D.
mobile: +420 420 732 735 861

Other related keywords

calorimetry, raw material composition, limestone, plasticity, yield stress, plastic viscosity, thixotropy, Emley, viscometer, calcium hydro-silicates, xonotlite, tobermorite, autoclaved materials, dolomite, keramzit, expanded perlite, crushing, grinding, homogenization, sieve analyses, grindability, rotary kiln, phase analysis, raw material meal, reactivity, burnability, alite, belite, pilot testing