International conference „Ecology and New Building Materials and Products“ presents new findings and progressive trends in the field of ecology and development of new building materials and products. Research results not only of Research Institute for Building Materials, but also of other research organizations, universities and private companies are presented as papers, presentations or posters.

Thus, the presence on the conference is an opportunity to learn about new possibilities of waste materials utilization in building materials and building industry and about results applied in operation. Other blocks concentrate on the newest knowledge about new building materials and production technologies and on possibilities of their application in practice.


Specialized seminar CEMENT QUALITY, held since 2007, is intended for workers in quality management, technologists and laboratory heads of Czech and Slovak cement plants and for selected guests. It is a base to exchange the knowledge and experience among workers in cement industry and among research and practice in cement industry.


Specialized meeting of Czech and Slovak producers of lime and limestone products – LIME SEMINAR is held since 2007 and is intended especially for workers in quality management, technologists, laboratory heads and quarry managers.