Specialized Production

Custom-made production of special lime

Lime for special purposes


  • highly pure and very reactive gravel lime, produced in pilot plant gas rotary kiln in the Research Institute of Building Materials according to PN-VUSTAH 0301:2005 from very pure high-percentage limestones
  • the lime is characterized by very low underfiring and unslakable fraction content and low properties variability among individual supplies

Utilization: for preparation of special porous hydrosilicates based on xonotlite and tobermorite, which are used as absorption liquid carrier in acetylene cylinders for autogenous welding.

Note: it is delivered in bulk in road transport tanks, in plastic cans (approx. 50 kg), eventually after agreement in bags, containers etc. according to customer`s requirements

Vienna lime


  • it is produced by hard burning of crushed and very clear dolomite in a rotary kiln in the Research Institute of Building Materials according to PN-VUSTAH 0302:2005
  • the lime is characterized by very low underfiring fraction content and high fineness of milling

Utilization: for the production of grinding paste usable mainly in the engineering industry.

Hydraulic lime


  • blended hydraulic lime, prepared by mixing of components with latent and apparent hydraulic properties with suitable fillers and other components
  • blended hydraulic lime meets the requirements of the standard CSN EN 459-1 „Building lime – Part 1: Definitions, specifications and conformity criteria“ for hydraulic lime HL3,5
  • Utilization: preparation of mortars for masonry and plasters, repairs of sights etc.

    Note: article not produced anymore – only while stocks last.

    Other products

    As by-products of the special lime production arise:

    • Lime putty for building and restoration purposes
    • Lime-limestone dusts for agriculture suitable for pH adjustment of soils.


    Building materials and elements

    Composite material UNICRET

    Under the trade name UNICRET a fine-grained concrete reinforced by alcali-resistant glass fibres was designed. Progressive technology affects strength characteristics of UNICRET and provides high impact strength. The main advantage of UNICRET products in comparison with the products made from cast concrete is small thickness and low weight, which affects favourably transport costs, manipulation and assembly costs.


    Building materials and elements with special properties – UNITHERMEX

    Inorganic non-asbestos constructional-insulating material standing up to permanent heat stress, intended for production of shaped or slab elements according to requirements of the customer.

    Product characterization

    • low volume changes at heat stress of 600 °C, for a short time up to 800 °C
    • heat strain resistance
    • tenacity
    • wear resistance
    • very good cohesion
    • good workability by cutting, grinding, turning, boring etc. to exact dimensions according to requirements of the customer

    Special properties

    • material does not scrape glass

    Possibilities of utilization

    • shaping of molten glass for thermal processing and manipulation with glass products in glass works
    • heat stressed components of equipment in consumer industry



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    Photogallery – UNICRET and UNITHERMEX, special lime