Development workshops

We perform custom-made machine fitting production:

  • Turning works
  • Welding
  • Machine fitting works
  • Suspension hooks, wall ties and supporting constructions etc.


We produce analytical sieves with standard dimensions (according to ISO 3310, ISO 5223, EN 933; compatibility with sieves of other producers:

Ø 100 mm (frame – stainless steel and brass)
Ø 200 mm (frame – aluminium and stainless steel)
Ø 300 mm (frame – stainless steel)
Ø 400 mm (frame – stainless steel)
500×500 mm (frame – varnished sheet metal)
150×430 mm (frame – wood)

  • we can arrange the calibration for produced/repaired sieves, including calibration sheet, in calibration laboratory
  • the sieves have a rubber sealing on the interface of frame and screening partition, which prevents accumulation of sample particles in frame joints and their undesirable release into following sample batches
  • we repair all sieves made by us, i.e. replacement of screening partition (saving of 40 – 55 % compared to new sieve)
  • we offer wide accessories for sieves (lids, dishes, reductions, laboratory screening machine, etc.)


Test sieves of metal wire cloth according to ČSN ISO 3310-1

  • screening partition (sieve bottom): stainless steel cloth
  • mesh size: od 25 μm do 4 mm
Stainless steel sieve, screening partition: stainless steel clothAluminium sieve, screening partition: stainless steel cloth
Test sieves of perforated metal plate according to ČSN ISO 3310-2
mesh size:

  • square from 1,5 mm to 125 mm
  • round from Ø 1 mm
Stainless steel sieve, screeningpartition: perforated metal plateAluminium sieve, screeningpartition: perforated metal plate
Test sieves for cereals according to ČSN ISO 5223

  • frame: Ø 200 mm – aluminium, stainless steel
  • wooden frame, screening partition 150 x 430 mm
  • mesh size: 1,0 – 3,50 x 20,0 mm

We supply a dish and a lid as accessories.

Stainless steel sieve for cerealsSieve for cereals with wooden frame
Sieves with polyamide screening partition

  • frame: Ø 200 mm – steinless steel, plastic
  • screening partition: polyamide cloth
  • mesh size: 25 μm – 2,1 mm
Grid sieves according to ČSN EN 933-3

  • frame: 300 x 300 mm – aluminium
  • screening partition: stainless steel bars Ø 5 mm
  • space width 2,5 – 50 mm
Grid sieve
Sieves 500 x 500 mm

  • frame: metal plate + komaxit (powder coating)
  • screening partition: steinless steel net, perforated stainless steel metal plate
Sieve 500/500 mm
Sieve accesories
Lids, dishes, dish for wet sieving, reduction to pile sieves with different diameters, gauges, etc.
GaugeDish for wet sievingSieve accesories
Laboratory screening machine for sieves Ø 200 – P200 type

Mobile laboratory equipment for grading analysis of small amounts of granular materials. It is used for dry grading analysis in conjunction with a set of sieves Ø 200 mm according to ČSN ISO 3310 and ČSN ISO 5223.

Laboratory screening machine
Plasticity Meter 0-50N

It is used for measuring the plasticity of material in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete.

Plasticity Meter


Bc. Ladislav Staněk
phone: +420 513 036 101
mobile: +420 730 896 331

Contact – sieves production and distribution

Martina Hloušková
phone: +420 543 529 325
mobile: +420 730 891 893



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