Special Technologies

Dept. 3.1 Specialized Production

Specialized Production Dept. follows directly the research department and uses gained knowledge in pilot plant verification of technological processes and products. The department aims also its activities to custom-made production, concerning especially lime production using small laboratory rotary kiln:

  • Vienna lime is produced in small amounts (for grinding paste preparation)
  • experimental burning of Lime for special purposes is performed in bigger amounts (for preparation of special porous hydrosilicates)

Other production activity is represented by custom-made production of composite and atypical elements with high mechanical strength:

  • cable channels
  • facade elements
  • balcony panels
  • architectural elements, etc.


Ivo Dvořák
mobile: +420 724 596 094
e-mail: dvorak@vush.cz

Dept. 3.2 Development Workshops

Development Workshops Dept. preferentially participates in solution of demands of research teams and together with Specialized Production Dept. participates in verification of production technologies. The department is equipped with turning, shaping, smithering and welding machines and all these activities are also used for custom-made production of mouldings for:

  • cable channels
  • facade and balcony elements
  • garden architecture – benches, tree grates, garden house, etc.
  • prototypes as projects result (equipment for fixing of non-metallic reinforcement, equipment for making of composite board with accurate fixation of prestressed reinforcing mesh, etc.)


Ing. Ladislav Staněk
phone: +420 513 036 101
mobile: +420 730 896 331
e-mail: l.stanek@vush.cz

Moreover, Development Workshops Dept. aims its activity to the production of laboratory test sieves:

  • test sieves (ČSN ISO 3310-1,2)
  • sieves with atypical dimensions according to requirements of the customer
  • screening machines for grading analysis of granular materials

Contact – sieves production

Martina Hloušková
phone: +420 543 529 325
mobile: +420 730 891 893
e-mail: hlouskova@vush.cz