Accredited by ČIA according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, No. 2272
Accreditation certificate No. 690/2016 from 8.12.2016

Calibrations of test sieves

Calibrations of test sieves with various dimensions, with screening partitions made of:

  • wire cloth according to the standard ČSN ISO 3310-1
  • perforated metal plates according to the standard ČSN ISO 3310-2
  • grain sieves according to the standard ČSN ISO 5223
  • grid sieves according to the standard EN 933-3
  • other materials (e.g. polyamide), nonstandard sizes, etc.

If the calibrated sieve corresponds with the used standard, it contains a calibration sheet as well as a declaration with the standard specification. Measurement uncertainty is taken into account. If the sieve does not correspond with given standard, we inform the customer immediately and we are able to ensure the repair or manufaturing of new sieve including subsequent calibration without time delay. We put emphasis on the accuracy of the measurement. Maximum realisation date of our services is currently 5 working days.


Our laboratory commits to provide quality services with high professional level to ensure the customer`s satisfaction. We insist above all on accuracy of carried out measurements.

Laboratory KL-Sieves adopted an ethical code with following main principles:

  • fair, honest and moral activities, compliance with agreed conditions
  • reporting only true and complete information regarding real qualities of goods and services
  • refusing false advertising, correct handling complaints, refusing corruption, respecting trade secret, etc.


We have modern equipment developed in co-operation with us and therefore it is primarily constructed for accurate measurement of sieves according to standards mentioned above. All measuring instruments used for calibrations are linked to etalons of higher orders and are regularly calibrated.

  • Laser measuring instrument LMS98 – scans the sieve surface with different diameters and mesh size ranging from 20 µm to 125 mm according to requirements with accuracy up to 0,1 µm.
  • Camera measuring system 2D – scans the surface of sieves, clothes and screening partitions with size ranging from 20 µm to 25 mm. To measuring the subpixel method is used, which was in research activity with our laboratory adjusted specially for distortion suppression at wires of clothes and at punching, or laser cutting of partition metal plates. Its measuring accuracy at fine clothes (maximum zoom) is up to 0,1 µm.
  • Other measuring instruments: Abbe`s comparators, slide gauges, etc.


Additional information

  • The sieve can be delivered to our laboratory personally, or send by post or mail order service together with the order.
  • We always inform the customer of the measurement finishing, by e-mail or phone.
    • It is possible to contract immediately the potential repair of inconvenient sieves or the replacement for new sieves in our production. Our laboratory is not allowed to permorm repairs.
  • The finished order can be collected personally (7:00 – 14:00, other time only with phone agreement), or sent by post.
  • The customer usually makes the payment for an invoice, other payment method has to be mentioned in the order.


pdf Certificate of accreditation No. 690/2016


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