Specialized laboratories

Dept. 1.1 ATElab – Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Ecotoxicology

Main activities of Accredited Test Laboratories are represented by chemical analyses with highest accuracy class of all silicate materials, standard analyses for calibration of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and other technical equipment (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer ICP-OES, single-purpose analyzer AMA 254, etc.).

In addition to the test of ecotoxicological suitability of building materials, Laboratory of Ecotoxicology performs also ecotoxicity determination of wastes ond other materials. Contact tests using new test organisms are also implemented.


Head of Accredited Test Laboratories ATElab
Ing. Pavel Buchta
mobile: +420 730 896 333
e-mail: buchta@vustah.cz
Technical Head of ATElab
Alena Paličková
phone: +420 513 036 085
mobile: +420 602 424 188
e-mail: palickova@vustah.cz
Technical Head of ATElab – Biological Laboratory
MVDr. Ilona Kukletová, Ph.D.
phone: +420 513 036 083
mobile: +420 730 519 702
e-mail: kukletova@vustah.cz

Dept. 1.2 Laboratory of Radionuclides

Laboratory of Radionuclides of Research Institute of Building Materials in Brno is an authorized laboratory with the State Office for Nuclear Safety licence from 1. 11. 2006 to idefinity, no. 53241/2006, for activities especially important with respect to the radiation protection.

Our services:

  • Measurement and assessment of natural radionuclides content in building and other materials
  • Assessment of radon index of building site
  • Measurement and assessment of indoor radon concentration

Laboratory od Radionuclides regularly participates in interlaboratory comparisons organized by State Office for Nuclear Safety.


Head of Laboratory of Radionuclides
Ing. Pavel Buchta
mobile: +420 730 896 333
e-mail: buchta@vustah.cz
Technical Head of Laboratory of Radionuclides
Mgr. Vilma Poloučková, Ph.D.
phone: +420 543 529 321
mobile: +420 723 964 260
e-mail: radionuklidy@vustah.cz